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Rakeback Calculation Methods – How the rake in online poker is calculated

How is the rake in online poker calculated?

Now that you know how rakeback deals work, you probably also want to know how rake is calculated? Well, there are different ways the rake can be calculated. This differs from site to site.

In general the following applies. If you are a tight player, your best bet are sites with dealt rakeback. If you are a loose player, then choose poker sites with weigthed contributed rake.

Rakeback calculation methods explained

Aim of this paragraph is to give a detailed explanation how rake is calculated. Moreover, we will introduce you to the different rakeback calculation methods.

Player Value Index (PVI) Rake Calculation Method

 PVI stands for Player Value Index and basically means that you are paying rake depending on your results.

The PVI rakeback calculation method is used by several Asian poker sites and networks. It heavily benefits losing players as it requires winning players to pay more rake than is counted towards their rewards and vice versa.

Dealt Rake Method

As the name implies, the rake is calculated on the basis of all players, who are dealt a hand. However, you don’t have to play it!

Deal rakeback calculation method

This rake method heavily favours tight players as they are rewarded for paying rake that they are actually hardly pay.

Average Contributed Rake Method

The average contributed rakeback calculation method requires players to actively contribute to the pot.

Average contributed rakeback calculation method

All players, who play the hand and see the flop, are regarded to have contributed the same amount of rake.

Although this is an improvement from the dealt rake method, we wouldn’t recommend it for grinders. The big problem of this method is, that it doesn’t take into account how much money a player has contributed.

Weighted Contributed Rake Method

This brings us to the best, while fairest rake calculation method: Weighted contributed. It calculates the exact percentage of the pot each player has contributed and divides the rake accordingly.


Weigthed contributed rakeback calculation method

In other words, the rake is taken from players, who have put money in the pot, based on the exact amount invested.


We highly recommend you to choose online poker sites using the weigthed contributed method. If you are a very tight player, then dealt rake is your best option.

Make sure to stay away from poker rooms offering PVI rakeback as this method is very unfavorable for winning players.